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Young Mom Shame: Is It Real?

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Me pregnant and proud LOL

YES. (people are probably reading this like yeah we all knew that). But I seriously didn’t, I don’t know if that sounds stupid but I genuinely thought in my naive 20- year-old head that no one would look at me funny or be surprised that Zayla’s mine.

Now I haven’t had any crazy experiences where someone has blatantly been rude (knock on wood I never do). But I think every young mom has experienced the “look”. You guys know the look. “there's no way she’s yours! You have to be her sister?!” “I’m so sorry to ask… but how old are you” or my favourite “you’re just a baby!” Oh god, and when you’re walking around debuting your bump and people just stare, I always guess they’re wondering how old I am, newsflash: starring at a pregnant woman isn’t going to tell you her age :).

I get it I do, I totally get it, having a baby at 20 is not ideal to most people. But guess what? lots of women do it. It shouldn’t be so out of this world to you that I’m not Zay’s sister.

Anyways, my advice to young moms who put up with the stares and the ridiculous questions? Answer with grace. Show them that you are not phased by their silly comments, let them see you achieve all your goals and more.

Being a young mom comes with so many hardships, this one has to be the most annoying for me. I hate being judged by people who don’t know me. There is such a stereotype around young moms, my best advice? Prove anyone who doubts you wrong.

"debuting the belly"

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