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Things I Hope to Teach My Daughter

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

When I look at my daughter there’s a long list of attributes I hope she gets, kindness, sensitivity, and strength to name a few. But there are 4 life lessons I hope I’m able to teach her.

The first being how to be a nice girl. My dream for Zayla is to be kind-hearted, to include the outcasts and to never judge a person for their looks, religion, size, colour, sexuality, etc. I hope I’m able to teach her to never judge a person, I hope she’s able to form relationships with all different types of people. I want her to know that when she goes to kindergarten she can play with boys and girls, quiet kids and outspoken kids, kids with glasses, hearing aids, or wheelchairs, the list goes on. I pray daily that my daughter is a kind-hearted girl that will always look at peoples personalities before she looks at their physical features. I will teach my daughter to be supportive of her friends/other girls, I will teach her to not only celebrate her accomplishments but others as well. That when she sees her friends rising to keep lifting them up! Not to pull them down. When we support other women were more successful!

One thing I’ve always struggled with in my life is how to handle a “no”. It’s a horrible quality of mine, when I’m given negative feedback I take it very personally, and often don’t get back up. (I’m working on it). My goal is to teach Zay to handle no’s in her life with grace, and to not take it personally. I will teach Zayla to keep trying, even when it seems like there's no point and the only option is to give up, I will teach her to keep going.

One of my favourite quotes is “Someone else's opinion of you is none of your business” (again I don’t know how to quote, but I read it in Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, but she quoted it from someone too… point is I don’t know who said it but it’s my new favourite quote). Anyways, I want Zayla to live by this!!! What other people think of her is none of her business, she should never pay any mind to what others think or say about her because it wasn't said TO her, therefore its none of HER business. I’ve been trying to live by this quote and let me tell you its hard, but I’m hoping if I instil this in her from a young age it will just be a habit for her to not care what people think of her.

Lastly, very cliche, but I will teach Zayla to never be a quitter (not like her mommy hahaha, I’m working on it). I pray that Zay always tries her best and that she never gives up on her dreams, I want her to be WHOEVER she wants to be in life with PASSION! An astronaut? You can do it Zay, a truck driver? Sure, just wear lots of sunscreen, a business owner! Hell yeah!. My goal in life is to teach my daughter to never, ever, ever give up.

These are just a couple things I hope I can teach my daughter over the years, I will raise Zayla to be a strong, independent, supportive woman. Let's raise NICE GIRLS!

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