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"Oh! So, She Was An Accident?"

Being a young mom comes with a million obstacles, some easier than others. I'd have to say my biggest adjustment to becoming a young mother are the blunt questions people assume are okay to ask. So I thought I'd create a list of things you DON'T ask a young mother:

1. "Oh, so she was an accident?" this question bothered me long before I became a mother, I just find it so invasive. Let's start with this: no child is an accident (in my eyes) and if they were a surprise, why are you asking me? why are you referring to my child as an accident? and why are you asking me this question in front of her? Would you ask a thirty-year-old mother this question?

2. "So what are you doing?" What??? I'm staying at home with my child until I feel secure enough to leave her. I am taking care of her day in and day out. Providing the best possible experiences for her. Would you ask a thirty-year-old stay at home mom this question?

3 "Do you ever wanna go back in time and change things?" This question is probably one of the rudest things you can ask a young mother. Why on earth would I want to change the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me? I'm gonna ask again; would you ask a middle-aged mom this?

I understand everyone is curious, but some questions just shouldn't be asked. Before asking a young mom a question ask yourself would I ask a thirty-year-old mom this question?

My Perfect "Accident"

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