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My Secret to Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Okay so I was reluctant to write this, just because I feel like it's so personal, but I thought if someone would've told me this while I was pregnant it would've saved me a lot of money and time on google LOL.

So, unfortunately for me, my pregnancy caused me to get stretch marks on my thighs, I'm all for embracing your scars and what not BUT I wanted them gone fast. So while I was pregnant and saw them appearing I spent so much money on different types of stretch mark creams (you name it, I tried it).

After I had Zay they got worse and nothing seemed to be working, so I decided to use my breast milk. I know this sounds weird and random BUT before you judge take a look at this picture:

LEFT: before using breastmilk RIGHT: after about one week of use


Now mind you, they're still there but they completely lost their colour! my greatest idea yet!

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