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Must Have Teething Accessory by Scarlett Shay Chewlery

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Let me start by saying this, having a teething 6-month-old is probably one of the hardest parts of motherhood I've faced this far (yes it's that bad).

My daughter has been chewing on any and everything (I'm talking the side of her crib rail teething!) Anyways as a mom who's always looking for the best new products I went on a hunt!

When I saw Scarlett Shay Chewlery I FELL IN LOVE!!! I mean these are the cutest teethers and pacifier clips I've ever seen!

Let's start with the packaging, I was so surprised to see how much effort was put into the bag! When I saw the packaging I had no hesitation that the product would be amazing I mean look at the little flower people!!! Her attention to detail is outstanding!

When discussing my order with Scarlett Shay I was given a wide variety of colours to choose from, making the teether and clips super customizable to my style!

Now for the fun part, the teether! oh my goodness my daughter is obsessed with this toy! she loves the sound of the clinking wood and can't get enough of the beads! The beads are made with 100% food-grade silicone so it's okay to suck on. The wood is natural and untreated, making it safe for babies to teeth on as well!

The pacifier clip is also 100% food-grade silicone so those can be teethed on too!

Now the pacifier clip is one of my favourite accessories, my daughter is always throwing her soother so having the clip makes my life ten times easier not to mention it says her name!

Scarlett Shay Chewlery was created by Jess! a new mom who was looking to fill her time while on maternity leave. She started making these teethers for family and friends, everyone loved them so much she decided to start selling them!

Jess is obsessed with DIY projects and everything baby since having her little girl Scarlett!

Head over to @ScarlettShayChewlery to check out all of her awesome products! Jess is also opening an Etsy shop next month, once that's live I'll add it to this post!



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