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How I Put Myself Together In Ten Minutes:

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

TINTED MOISTURIZER PEOPLE!!! Before I had Zayla I took about an hour on my makeup everyday… yeah I know, excessive, but I had the time so why not. After I had Zay I tried to keep up with my ridiculous makeup routine and let me tell you, honey, it didn’t work. So for a while, I went bare-faced, which was fine and dandy until one day I saw my face and thought, there has to be something I can do to feel cute in under an hour. So I did what all moms do; I went on Pinterest. The first thing that popped up?! TINTED MOISTURIZER (had to say it again for the people in the back).

Anyways my skincare routine looks like this; 1. Wash my face with my Clarisonic using Spectro face wash, 2. Spray rose water on my face (rub in the rose water with your hands, a pad will rub your skin too hard making it dull, something I learned from a nursing friend) 3, eye cream (Origins), 4, tinted moisturizer (Origins) mixed with St Tropez facial tanning oil.

If you’re pale like me, fake tanner is your best friend, I mean for real, the right amount of fake tan gives you a healthy glow, (Jergens self-tanner is my go-to for my body!).

Being a mom, especially a young mom, there's a lot of pressure to have everything together at all times, and that includes looking the part, do mamas have an hour even morning to get ready? HELL NO (if you do we're not friends), so finding easy ways to look and feel my best helps me have way more confidence.

Remember if you feel good you look good.

Clarisonic, Rose Water, Origins, St. Tropez

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