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How To Stay Organized As a New Mom

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Let me tell you, the first couple months my daughter was alive I was a HOT mess like it was bad, I promise you I did not brush my hair and wore my man's clothes more than my own.

As my daughter grew I figured out how to take care of not only her but myself too. Here's how I did it!


I don't know why people assume when you're a new mom you do nothing all day, but taking care of my daughter keeps me super busy. Whether it's doctor appointments, running low on wipes, or swim class I get busy. My day planner has kept me organized and ready for the day, so please if you're pregnant and reading this go buy yourself a planner, I promise you once you're out of the newborn fog you'll be glad you have one on hand.


Okay so, when my baby was born I just thought "she'll lead the way I'll follow her schedule". NO how silly is this? how can you expect a brand new human to understand what a routine is? So once I figured this out I got my daughter on a ROUTINE (NOT SCHEDULE, a schedule is time-oriented whereas a routine is around the same time every day but not completely by the clock because let's be real every day varies a bit).

Anyways, once I did this my life became so much easier, following a routine keeps my girl happy and helps me plan our days efficiently! One regret I have is not starting a routine earlier!

The Baby Whisper is what helped me get my routine started! I strongly recommend this book!


Getting ready every day helps me feel more like myself, now I'm not suggesting you need a full face of makeup to live your best life but I definitely suggest getting up and out of your PJ's LOL. I can promise you the first three months of my daughter's life I only wore PJ's and always had my hair in a bun. This is totally normal with a new baby but I do wish I would've started taking care of myself sooner.

These are just a few items/ lifestyle changes that have helped me!

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