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How I Dressed My Summer Bump

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman's life, there is no doubt about that but it is also such a difficult thing to go through (well it is for me). With your body constantly changing and going through so many things.

Pregnancy in the summer, now that is a whole other level of difficult. You are constantly putting on weight but at the same time having to drag this weight through the heat and humidity of summer days.

I put on so much weight that my body definitely was not comfortable carrying around so I created a style that was easy, light and did not make me sweat even more than I already was by just taking a few steps:)


This outfit is perfect for going to your weekly doctor appointments, going to the bank, going for brunch and so much more because it is easy to move in, it is super light which is so important on those warmer days. This type of style is so cute making you feel better about yourself if you’re having one of those days.

The top is a light button-down shirt, with a pair of white maternity jeans (they are the comfiest and only maternity pants I will ever wear and YES they are from WALMART). I would probably wear some flip flops/slide on's with the outfit as well, nothing too heavy on your feet!


I 10/10 would recommend wearing a dress while you're pregnant in the summer. Not only is it super easy to slip on but they are so damn comfortable and breezy!

I wore knee-length dresses or a little bit under because I didn't want to constantly worry about pulling down my dress, giving you another reason to sweat!

I also wore most of my dresses with some flip flops/slide on's or my slip on converse, anything that didn’t cause me to bend over too much.


Thinking about wearing a bikini in the summer while being pregnant was honestly a nightmare for me. I was seriously insecure with the weight I gained causing my body to change in certain areas I truly was uncomfortable with the thought of people being able to see this, but then it clicked to me one day! I had no reason to hide this pregnant bod!

I didn’t have to worry about bloating, I could finally go out and do something without having to wear any layers of clothes or shoes that my feet would swell up in. Just thinking of those things convinced me to throw on my bikini and actually start enjoying my summer in the sun Plus wearing makeup in the summer can be such a hassle with sweating so if you go out there and enjoy the sun, your tan can become your makeup, then you really have no worries anymore!

The bikini I believe is from Forever 21, with adjustable straps and the bottoms are a little cheeky!


This outfit was my go-to, almost every single day. I literally wore these overalls everywhere I went because they are perfect for EVERYWHERE, especially if it gets a little chilly during the summer nights.

I styled the overalls with tops I wore under depending on where I was going! Most times I wore a tank top, one-piece or just a cute t-shirt.

I loved this because it was just so easy to slide on (kind of like wearing a dress), I didn’t have to worry about constantly fixing anything on it, also it was breezy when the heat would kick in and super easy to style! I typically wore it with my slide on converse.


Being comfortable is so important when you're pregnant and unfortunately, your body doesn’t give you this choice, so I always wear things that make me feel as comfortable as possible!

Here I’m wearing a super comfy black crop top; the reason why I choose to wear crop tops is because you have all the breeze you need on your upper body. Like any pregnant woman, feeling huge with their weight gain embracing your bump is hard BUT wearing shirts that were oversized did not make me feel any smaller or better about myself!

The pants I'm wearing are super flowy and breezy down my legs which I love while going for walks or just sitting at home watching a movie! If I were to go out in these pants I definitely paired them with some flip flops!

This post was written by Lora Petrovic, A first time mama who is a perfect example of embracing and loving her pregnancy glow! I love that she didn't hide her bump in any of her outfits! she showed off her baby boy!

Not only is she beautiful on the outside but she has a heart of gold too!


Click the picture below for a link to her socials!

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