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How I Dressed My Bump

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Being pregnant is really hard (well it was for me anyway) one way I made myself feel better was dressing cute and doing my makeup almost every day. Remember if you look good you feel good!

I was heavily pregnant during the winter months so my outfit Inspo won't help those who are super big in the spring/ summer months!


This was one of my go-to outfits when going to dinner or work! it was comfortable, cute, and casual. I paired my dark blue maternity jeans with a black Le Chateau top and of course my green blazer. I also chose to do a soft glam makeup look, just to keep it casual.


During my pregnancy instead of buying maternity clothes, I would usually just buy a couple sizes bigger to fit my bump! (no hate but most maternity clothes are pretty ugly, the only "maternity" thing I owned that I genuinely liked were the jeans).

My favourite thing to do during the winter months was layer sweaters over long sleeves! with thigh high boots!


Being pregnant means you're usually always uncomfortable, for me if I could find something that made me feel good and wasn't itchy/too tight it was a win-win. The dress pictured below was perfect, it was loose in all the right places LOL. You can dress up or dress down a plain dress, I chose to dress it up a bit by adding a leather jacket and thigh high black boots. (I had an obsession with thigh-high boots while I was pregnant).


My favourite outfit from my whole pregnancy was definitely my baby shower dress. This look was so simple but made me feel so pretty! The dress is from Fashion Nova, it was stretchy and so comfortable, I paired it with rose gold jewelry, rose gold shoes, and of course rose gold eye makeup! (can you tell I love rose gold?)


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things a woman gets to experience, making sure you feel beautiful while you're pregnant is so important!

I hope these outfits provide some inspiration to other mamas!


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