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Getting Pregnant at Nineteen

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Becoming a mom at 20 was probably the most life-changing thing I’ve ever been through. At the age of 19 I found out I was pregnant and my world literally stopped.

If you’re like me, at 19 I was living for ME and only ME, I did what I wanted when I wanted. Literally not one care in the world, my life was work, school, boyfriend, friends, and fun. Every day was something new and exciting.

Then I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t fully understand how drastically my life would change. I just assumed I'll have my baby and still live the same, this is so far from the truth. Your life, relationships, priorities, goals, and mindset change so quickly, you do a full 360.

If I could go back in time and tell myself anything it’d be to mentally prepare. Having a baby is not easy, moving in with your boyfriend is not easy, your body changing is not easy. BUT it is so so so worth it.

After I finally got used to being a mom I fell into my NEW life, my NEW routine. Having a baby really helps you manage your time wisely and prioritize what you’re going to do with your life. Before I had my daughter I had goals, but I'd typically quit when it got hard because it was easier. I had no pressure to succeed so it didn’t really matter if I failed or thrived, but now its a lot more complex.

Failing isn’t an option anymore, I need to show my daughter that just because I'm a mom doesn’t mean my goals or dreams go out the window. It doesn’t mean that for the rest of my life I'll just be a “mom”.

I need to teach my daughter that her life is her's, she has to go after whatever makes her feel alive. Did becoming a mom at 20 change me? yes, was it hard? yes, is it still hard? yes.

BUT does she inspire me to continue working towards my goals and to be the best version of myself? YES.


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