• Laya

Bed Time: The Ultimate Battle: A Must Read For Mom's

Bed Time: The Ultimate Battle is the book I wish I had when my daughter was a newborn. This book contains so many tricks and tips on how to get your little one to sleep. Bed Time is a quick read that will guide you with traditional and modern remedies.

Melissa writes as if she's having a conversation with a friend, connecting her situation to yours! Making you feel less alone in the nighttime struggle. She carries a light sense of humour throughout the whole book, offering witty commentary and relatable situations.

This book includes helpful features. Following each chapter is a checklist, so you can keep track of what advice worked for you. This allows the reader to put her advice to the test!

I don't want to expose all of her secrets, but I will say my favourite one. Recording your voice to soothe your baby to sleep (right? I never considered this either) Melissa explains that all babies crave hearing their mother's voice. Think about it; babies are inside of us for almost 10 months, they hear us babbling all the time. Then they're born and supposed to sleep in complete silence! (I never thought about this, I assumed sleep equalled complete silence).

Recording your voice and having it play on a constant loop is a tried and true trick from Melissa's book. If you consider this tip helpful I highly suggest purchasing this book! I recommend this book to not only expecting mamas but seasoned mothers too!

If you're interested in purchasing Bed Time, The Ultimate Battle I'll leave a link below!