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Updated: Aug 3, 2019

When I found out I was pregnant for the second time, a million and one things ran through my mind.

I think I was scared to have two girls for the longest time because I didn't want to dethrone my princess and older daughter Arjanna. In all honesty, I was afraid the love I had for her could never exist a second time.

If you're a mama to a girl and she is your only one, then you know exactly what I mean (I hope). She is your mini you, your best friend, everything you have ever looked for in life and more. She genuinely is your heart outside of your body.

For the second pregnancy I was scared, I didn't know how something so amazing could exist twice, and this was all before I actually knew the gender (probably the day I found out, pregnancy hormones are indeed crazy).

Let me tell you, not only did I make an exact clone of that feeling, I made an entirely new baby girl with her own strengths and personality (already at 5 months old!).

I was scared for nothing, I gave my daughter the best gift (which I'm sure she'll want to return at some point in life) that anyone could ask for, a best friend, a partner in crime, a real-life baby doll, a cuddle buddy, an endless supply of kisses and hugs, a friend, and someone to teach and also learn from!

I must say, there is nothing I love more than having two-thirds of our house filled with pink toys, bows, ribbons, tutus, dresses and more. I wouldn't trade it for a thing. Having two girls has helped me grow so much as a mother, they have made me so strong (if not I would definitely be getting bossed around by my almost 2 year old).

If I can have one girl, let alone two, I genuinely believe I can do anything, and more so, I have to do everything to show my girls that they can too!

This guest post was written by my close friend, Kaitlynn. She's a mama to two little beauties, has a lash business, and is attending school in the fall. She's the true definition of having it all!

If you loved her post follow her socials for more! (Click the picture above to visit her social feed).

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