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4 Underrated Baby Items you NEED on your Registry

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Being a new mom means you know absolutely nothing about baby products, when doing my registry I let my mom take the lead. If I'm being honest, I was more focused on cute bows and blankets rather than washcloths and diaper shirts. (just keeping it real). But now, having a four and a half-month-old I've found products that I honestly can't live without.

So if you're an expecting mama please take my advice! these products are so underrated but so necessary!


Please listen to me on this, do you want to know the most irritating thing in the world? Trying to button up your daughter's sleeper at 4 am after a poop explosion half asleep while she's screaming. You wanna know how to make a shitty situation less bad (lol pun intended) a zip-up sleeper! Seriously get your baby dressed in half the time. I only buy zip up sleepers now!


For those who don't know, ovol is a brand of drops you give your baby for gas, it helps relieve symptoms of colic too. At 6 weeks my daughter had horrible colic, I'm talking screaming from 11 pm to 2 am. While going through this I tried both Gripe Water and Ovol and for some reason, Gripe Water didn't work for us, but a couple of drops of Ovol and Zayla's colic would calm down. A serious lifesaver, I suggest new mamas buy at least one bottle, just in case you need it. (Hopefully, you have an angel baby and don't LOL).


While I was pregnant I had no idea if I was going to breastfeed or not, so instead of getting a $300 breast pump, I decided to just get a $60 manual breast pump just in case. I remember everyone telling me the manual was a waste of money, and that if I was going to pump I should just go all out. Ladies, I LOVE my manual breast pump, its so easy and takes half the time compared to an electric breast pump. (i have both a manual and an electric now and still, prefer my manual).


This chair changed my life, (yes that is so dramatic I know but hear me out). Zayla hates the Bumbo like legit cries bloody murder if I even try to put her in it, I have no idea why she hates it so much, I know babies typically love it. So I suggest new mamas invest in a sit me up chair and a Bumbo! see what your baby likes. All I know is I can get so much done when Zayla is sitting in that chair, she loves the toys that are attached to it, she coos and laughs the whole time she's in it. Another awesome thing about it is for some weird reason she always poops in it. TMI I'm sorry but when you're baby has constipation your life is hell, so in my home when my daughter is pooping regularly were happy LOL. I'm not sure why the sit me up chair helps her poop but it does, I'm not asking questions ill take it!

These products have been life savers, being a new mom is hard, so if i can offer you any advice please invest in these products! they've helped me so much!

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